Etehad Watani Gypsum Company

The Etehad Watani Gypsum Company has been a reliable manufacturer and exporter of Gypsum Powder (Plaster of Paris) and Gypsum Rock in Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, and India for over 10 years under the guidance of Mr. Abdul Rauf Abdul Ghani who is the promoter and CMD .

With a decade of reputed industry experience, the company manufactures and supplies products that meet the highest market standard. Gypsum products are tested in laboratories that feature high-caliber testing equipment supervised by skilled lab technicians – ensuring the highest possible levels of quality.

Boasting an industry-recognized team from diverse backgrounds and experiences, Etehad Watani Gypsum Co. employs a highly qualified team of young and enthusiastic associates who provide an array of technical support and assistance – every step of the way.

The company has developed a large network of marketing offices throughout the region to ensure uninterrupted and timely supply of Gypsum products to discerning customers. Conveniently located offices near major seaports (like Bushehr in Iran) ensure faster delivery at a price that matches corporate needs.